Now into our 18th Year as one of the most established Swingers sites on the Internet - A swingers site run and owned by genuine active swingers. Swinging and Dogging in the UK

After Dark Swinging - After Dark have had internet presence since 1999, In this time we have become a long standing community and a large source of information for swinging and dogging online. Our website provides an online community for people interested and involved in this lifestyle choice. providing an online platform to meet other local swingers, with contact profiles, private message system, forums and chat, Member upload photo galleries.

After Dark Dogging - Our internet sites dedicated and specialising in dogging content provide some of the largest and most comprehensive source of dogging information available on the internet, with large collections and databases of dogging locations, with maps, directions and reviews.

After Dark Forums - The After Dark swinging forums are the hub and the central focus point of all our sites, where you will find our members come together in one of the largest and most friendly group of online members who all chose to engage in this type of social lifestyle, with topical discussions and dedicated sections for swinging meets and events and social activities.


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Question: What makes us different from sites like Swinging Heaven?

Answer: We do not restrict anything!! If you want to advertise your contact details then you can!!! WE ALLOW you to publish your email address and phone number and we DO NOT charge you to upgrade so you can read and reply to emails.

If you want to contact another member and put your email address or telephone number in the message, Guess what! YOU CAN!!

For all liberated adults, swingers and doggers in the UK. We’ve tried to include as much as we can for you to explore in terms of functionality and information to help the UK swinger community.

We hold regular monthly parties and social events around the UK, these are a great way for people to come along and break the ice by having a fun day or night out, a few drinks and a giggle, maybe a BBQ if the sun is shining, but always no pressure and just great fun!!

Swinging is also called “wife swapping”, which makes it sound more like a game show than anything else. That would be a fun game show, though, a game show where the objective or goal as it were was to swing with as many couples as possible before time ran out. That would be exciting, I would definitely watch that.

Swinging is actually the practice of which people in a relationship have sex with others just for fun or for other reasons possibly. Although, many people swing for increases in everything to do with sex; quality, quantity and frequency of sex.  Some people do it for curiosity or a way to get out of the vanilla. Some couples see it as a healthy way of strengthening their relationship. Other people even regard it as a merely recreational interaction with others.  Modern day swinging has many different things along its spectrum; they can range from spontaneous sexual activity, informal gathering of friends, planned social meetings, to sex clubs. Some sex clubs even hold themed nights. These themed nights can be go from uniforms, like police uniforms and doctors and nurses, and it can be pretty much anything, so there is a themed night for something and anything, there just has to be a right club for someone.


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