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Louise 2nd August 2013 10:36

First time dogging
Driving up to birdlip my whole body was a bag of nerves . A mixture of excitement and complete fear. Had met up with Bigblue from AD who was very eager to take me dogging.
As it was my first time Rachel very kindly met us there to show us the quiet spots .
We parked up and wound down the windows . Within minutes we had a couple of blokes at the cars looking for a good fuck.
These guys followed us to the quiet spot . Bigblue took me round to the guys car kissed me and lifted my skirt for him . Revealing my stockings and crotchless
Thong . And of course within seconds this guy was behind me , hands everywhere . The thrill of being sandwiched in between these two hunks of men was overwhelming .
Whilst I am being fingered by these two guys I can hear Rachel moaning and shrieking next to me . Such a turn on seeing her being fucked stupid .
I turn round so bigblue is fucking me from behind and take the other one in my mouth . And my god did he taste good . It was just perfect for my first spit roast.
Now this guy obviously liked using his hands so as I stand up to let him finger my dripping cunt bigblue slides his cock up my arse . I shrieked with delight , and this other guy could feel my arse was full with his fingers in my pussy which made
His cock even harder . So I dutifully bent over and took his dripping cock in my mouth again .
Bigblue wanted some of this too, So i crouched by the car and sucked both of them at the same time . Two dripping cocks pushed into my wet mouth .
It wasnt long before they were both ready to shoot their load .They lay me on the back seat , head back , and jerked off in my mouth one after the other . I was covered in hot sticky cum .
The whole time I can see Rachel being fucked by this guy. What an amazing night .
Am desperate to do it again very soon.

Louise x

Scorpio 2nd August 2013 11:17

Re: First time dogging
wow thats well hot and horny... all AD members could do with gen expirences like that.. enjoy 2nds lol

boxtop 2nd August 2013 12:01

Re: First time dogging
A great report, very glad that you had such a good time.

Love the photos too.


snecs85 2nd August 2013 13:38

Re: First time dogging
Wow that's hot! Wish I'd known you were going, I'd have been there in a shot :-P

srin6ez7 2nd August 2013 15:02

Re: First time dogging
Wow, great story, now that I've finished a month of nights and am bak in the land of the living, I need to give birdlip a couple more visits.

Starman 2nd August 2013 19:07

Re: First time dogging
Glad you had a good time.
.... and great photos!

gustavv 3rd August 2013 13:57

Re: First time dogging
Wow, what a horny story.
Looks like you're having a really good time with lots of AD members!!.

olderpussylover 4th August 2013 07:02

Re: First time dogging
Hopefully one day you might be up my way, you sound amazing, love your pics too..xxxx

Sasha 5th August 2013 21:55

Re: First time dogging
wow thats so hot!, would love to go dogging too

any guys out there wanna take me dogging to pop my cherry?

PM me!

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